AP Lang. Weekend homework

1. Compose a purpose statement and mini outline answering the question:

What is Michelle Obama’s purpose and how does she achieve it?

2. Select one strategy from your mini-outline and compose a complete body paragraph. Don’t forget to let the porpoise breathe!!
3. Post your purpose statement AND paragraph online via a comment by Sunday, 2/10 at NOON.
4. Comment on two other students’ paragraphs: identify one thing that is working well and one thing that could use improvement
5. Use what you read from your peers, including their purpose statement—is theirs more effective than yours? You are at liberty to steal it—and revise your paragraph.
6. On Tuesday, submit:
• Original purpose statement with mini-outline
• Original paragraph that was posted online
• Revised paragraph (and purpose statement, if you revised that)

All should be typed in MLA format. This is your first Literary Analysis that will earn a grade; use all your resources, including notes, handouts and your peers to make your work sing! Following this we will have an in-class essay, so this is your chance to work out the kinks! 


AP Lang: Vocab #2

Here is the list that we didn’t quite finish, Period 5! xo

List #2

SAT Vocab


Team–As confirmation of my current lack of a brain, I gave you the wrong answers to your MC practice–ACK!! Hold off on your exam corrections; I will provide right answers tomorrow, and we’ll make the corrections due Friday. Lo siento!


Rime of the Ancient…?

Whaddya say we try to out-ballad Coleridge? I’m sure writing “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was a piece of cake; we could totally do better. SO!:

Watchet, Somerset, UK

Watchet, Somerset, UK

*Your job is to help compose our own lyrical ballad

-If you are the first one to comment here, you get to choose the subject matter–Rime of the Ancient…? Give us a title and the 1st stanza

-Can you set up a story within a story like Coleridge does? Who is telling the story to whom? The listener might interrupt the storyteller as the Wedding Guest does the Mariner

-Read what your peers have posted before you to ensure the poem flows

-Stanzas must be 4-6 lines and follow some kind of AB rhyme scheme (ABAB, AABBAA, etc.)

-Make sure you are school appropriate!! (I will have to remove any questionable material and you will sadly, not earn credit!)

-Make sure you include your FULL NAME in your posting so I can give you your 10 points for participating!

Come back and read as the poem grows. You are welcome to contribute more than once! All postings due by Tuesday, Feb. 4th, midnight. If you’re the last one to post, be sure to give the poem a “finished” feel.

AP Literature–Extra Credit Opportunity!

Last ones of the semester!mix_and_match_logo

Select 1 of the events to attend and complete the following by January 21st for 15 pts. extra credit:

–Attend of the listed “Literature Live! Events”
–Have the emcee or poet him/herself sign a note saying you attended OR–Better yet!!–take a picture with the author!! (I know, this means you HAVE TO chat with them!!) 😉
–Write a two-paragraph reflection: What did you discover about poetry from this author? What interested you? What was mundane? What was your personal reaction to his/her poetry? What did you think about the event overall?

All events take place at Village Books Readings Gallery (bottom floor, in the NF section, adjacent to Colophon Cafe):
1. Saturday, January 11th, 4 p.m.–Ann Gerike with Hannah Faith Notess
2. Saturday, January 11, 7 p.m.–Jennifer Bullis and Kathryn Hunt
3. Friday, January 17th, 7 p.m.–William Stafford Tribute Event (should be wonderful!!)
4. Saturday, January 18th, 7 p.m.–Luci Shaw