About Ms. K

rotation-of-costarica_087.jpg Ms. Kitchens teaches English 10 and AP Language at Sedro Woolley High School. In her free time, she likes eating chocolate, contemplating quantam physics and making ice cream. Her favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip and she only drinks coffee from a French press (yes, she is that snobby!). Her favorite accessory is a cape. She rides a pony, runs, swims and tells stories incessantly. Power point is her friend. Aphids and small children–her enemy. This year, she may read Harry Potter. Only if she has to. Damn you, APers! Curses!

Contact her at: lkitchens@swsd.k12.wa.us



6 thoughts on “About Ms. K

  1. I am preparing to fly through the air with the greatest of ease…upside down hovering ‘bove trees.

    Glad you are enjoying the class, Lawrence! It’s great to have you in class again! (You’ll have to come back next year to be a TA or something so I don’t miss ya!)

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