Rime of the Ancient…?

Whaddya say we try to out-ballad Coleridge? I’m sure writing “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was a piece of cake; we could totally do better. SO!:

Watchet, Somerset, UK

Watchet, Somerset, UK

*Your job is to help compose our own lyrical ballad

-If you are the first one to comment here, you get to choose the subject matter–Rime of the Ancient…? Give us a title and the 1st stanza

-Can you set up a story within a story like Coleridge does? Who is telling the story to whom? The listener might interrupt the storyteller as the Wedding Guest does the Mariner

-Read what your peers have posted before you to ensure the poem flows

-Stanzas must be 4-6 lines and follow some kind of AB rhyme scheme (ABAB, AABBAA, etc.)

-Make sure you are school appropriate!! (I will have to remove any questionable material and you will sadly, not earn credit!)

-Make sure you include your FULL NAME in your posting so I can give you your 10 points for participating!

Come back and read as the poem grows. You are welcome to contribute more than once! All postings due by Tuesday, Feb. 4th, midnight. If you’re the last one to post, be sure to give the poem a “finished” feel.


46 thoughts on “Rime of the Ancient…?

  1. Nick Gossage
    Rime of the Ancient Automaton
    “Come closer lad! Hear my tale.”
    In the time before the automobile, there was an automaton
    “Now now dont get up! You’re not going anywhere until they’ve paid your bail!”
    It was a curious machine that sparked a nationwide phenomenon

  2. “Hold tight your memories if memories you do hold dear!”
    The Automaton cried, and pleaded.
    My time had come for me run and not give way to fear!
    My recklessness led to the world of the unheeded.

  3. The lad thought back
    To the horrific smack
    that came from the thing
    to which his wrist did cling;
    He knew his wrist would be black
    if he could not figure out a plan of attack.

  4. Freddy Lienhard
    Now as mentioned previous, the automatan is curious, and for such a reason as this:
    He is made to imitate man, but will not love, hug, or kiss.
    He is crafted to operate alone, but humans must install his batteries,
    He is assembled to serve humans, but their race he aspired to seize.
    Many plans for a takeover were on his list
    But there is no way to tell if they will make a good fist.

  5. as the machine with rusted jaw did speak:
    chill out young bro i mean no harm
    but my rusted joints are weak
    and god, dear god, when i move an inch they give a perilous squeak
    Brandi Mason

  6. It means I will always be alone
    For I will never be flesh and bone
    I was made to imitate mankind,
    But I can not dream nor love in my mind
    This has made me extremely bitter
    The lad desperately wanted to leave or skitter.

  7. The lad with tears in his eyes wanted to run
    For listening to the tale was no fun.
    But the automaton began his tail again
    For he knew that only the lad
    Was the one who could restore what he once had.

    Jenelle Rose

  8. Miranda Mellor
    Oh young boy what do you know of love?
    That almighty gift which make ones heart as free as a dove
    You might think that I have never loved–but you’d be wrong
    There was a time my heart sang this ethereal song

  9. “Now”, the automaton continued,
    “it was a night tinged with purple and a starlight hue
    that I first opened mine eyes, forged from tin,
    to gaze upon the perfection of man, something I had never been
    or could ever be. I was made only to imitate a human being.
    I shall never love, hug or kiss; I realize now, that is true”.

  10. With a heave and a twist,
    The boy raised his fists.
    I see you trying to drain,
    your sadness into my brain,
    I shall now be dismissed,
    I will not listen even if you insist.

    Timmy Moser

  11. But for some unknown reason,
    The lad felt compelled to stay
    And learn from the automaton
    The truth behind his gaze.

    Amelia Tornatore

  12. The automaton whispered in despondence,
    “You know nothing of what it is to yearn for that love feeling,
    you do not have to pay that awful penance.”
    As he spoke raindrops like tears fell from earth’s ceiling.

    Tiffanie Matthews

  13. “You have never been so terribly alone,
    Never had a heart made of cold metal stone.
    You don’t understand the desire for a companion,
    You take your human experiences for granted.”
    Madeline Friend Period 2

  14. “I loved once,” the automaton cried.
    “A love quite different than a human kind.
    I met a young gal and noticed the metal where flesh should reside.
    It was the same as others legs in her mind.”
    Shelbey Carlson

  15. “I gazed at her until I noticed on a metal bow,
    inscribed in gold was a rather simple name.
    With a sudden spark, I shouted something rather lame,
    ‘Hello my dear, how do you do, Ms. EVE 2.0′”

    (“2.0” is supposed to be pronounced two-point-o so that it rhymes with “bow”)
    Riley Morgan

  16. Ms. Eve and I set out on a voyage
    A mission so lively, you sure need to listen.
    We went to the planet way out there called Pluto,
    But when we arrived, not a thing else was there though.

    (Michael Moser)

  17. The boy was struck
    “How could this thing,
    This mechanical being,
    Have such bad luck?”
    The automaton cried back with so much force
    “I realize my mistake! I stuttered and stammered until my voice ran hoarse!”

  18. “Tell me more, tell me more” the boy exclaimed.
    “How can something have such human-like pain?”
    The boy could see where the metal had aged
    leaving a dark and, dreary, and rusty arrange.
    Claire Coalwell

  19. Like cookies on plate,
    That really weren’t great
    That my hunger they would not sate.
    I got the cookies out too late.
    Despite my 420 degrees of love
    eve 2.0 and I never fit like a glove

  20. “You may be thinking this story is sad”
    The Automaton spoke softly.
    “However, this has all been a lie; does this make you mad?”
    I screamed “For this I shall take an ax and get choppy!
    Why would you detain me here and be so bad?”
    The Automaton replied “Earlier I said I couldn’t love, don’t be so sloppy”

    (This was Riley Morgan at Kyle’s house)

  21. Alas! our bond has been untied
    It was too late she paid the price
    And so with a huff and sputter she died
    And the holy bells rang for her thrice

  22. “I really must go now,”
    the lad grimly said
    “for it is not my fault
    that your last love is dead.”
    The automaton gave a gasp, then a sigh
    “You don’t understand, lad, true love never dies.”

    (Shannon Jack)

  23. The little tin man looked down
    for his words were no more.
    His painted smile had drooped to a frown
    a lone tear fell to the floor.
    The lad’s words struck true
    their power he could never undo.

  24. The automaton then turned and slowly slinked away.
    An unannounced tear dropped from the boy’s cheek.
    “Please, don’t leave, I have one thing to say.”
    “And maybe,’ said the boy, ‘things don’t have to be meek.'”

    Jackson Conn

  25. The automaton glanced at the boy
    struck by his words
    But the boy had already ruined the toy
    The automaton had no choice but to return
    to his sorrows, for they were finally confirmed.

    Raynee Hayes

  26. This left the lad with sorrow in his gut
    He would have pulled an apology right out of his butt
    He had crushed what feeling the tin toy was having
    Alas the automaton was accepting of his sad, sad programing

    Luke Hudson

  27. The truth was the toy was no longer in style
    This made the boy a little to sad
    he must now cast it straight into a pile.
    If only the lad saw it wasn’t so bad.

    Phillip Conijn from luke’s house

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