AP Literature–Extra Credit Opportunity!

Last ones of the semester!mix_and_match_logo

Select 1 of the events to attend and complete the following by January 21st for 15 pts. extra credit:

–Attend of the listed “Literature Live! Events”
–Have the emcee or poet him/herself sign a note saying you attended OR–Better yet!!–take a picture with the author!! (I know, this means you HAVE TO chat with them!!) 😉
–Write a two-paragraph reflection: What did you discover about poetry from this author? What interested you? What was mundane? What was your personal reaction to his/her poetry? What did you think about the event overall?

All events take place at Village Books Readings Gallery (bottom floor, in the NF section, adjacent to Colophon Cafe):
1. Saturday, January 11th, 4 p.m.–Ann Gerike with Hannah Faith Notess
2. Saturday, January 11, 7 p.m.–Jennifer Bullis and Kathryn Hunt
3. Friday, January 17th, 7 p.m.–William Stafford Tribute Event (should be wonderful!!)
4. Saturday, January 18th, 7 p.m.–Luci Shaw


3 thoughts on “AP Literature–Extra Credit Opportunity!

  1. I attended the Luci Shaw poetry session this last Saturday. From her readings of her poems and also from reading the poems in her book “Scape,” I learned that poetry is mostly about similes, metaphors, and really descriptive adjectives. In her poems, she discusses nature often, and each time she uses adjectives for almost every noun so as to make the listener feel as if they are actually there. Poetry is a lot about pathos, trying to appeal to the readers emotions and make a connection through situations or feelings that the reader has experienced. Mrs. Shaw told me that good poetry comes from the heart and that you just have to write from the heart; she said the most difficult aspect is trying to really convey your feelings, but that’s what the adjectives are for.

    In the actual sitting, I noticed that many of Shaw’s poems–or at least the ones she read–had to do with rocks, water, and especially birds. It was somewhat funny because there were a few times when she said, “and this one is also about a bird.” Her book “Scape” is broken up into three different types of scapes, one of which is the scape of a feather, so this might be why so many poems were about birds. There were a few times when her reading got a little dull; not all of her poems were very interesting for or directed towards a younger audience. I noticed that, with the exception of the students from our class that were there, almost everybody there was on the older end of life and most were there with their spouse. It seemed like it was date night for retired married couples. Some of the poems were witty and a little funny, but there were also times when all the older people were laughing and I would look at Timmy or Freddy and wonder why they were laughing. They would return the look and we’d laugh at our not laughing. Overall, I would say it was a good experience to hear all these poems and here from a real life professional poet. It made me feel as if my attempts at poetry are garbage though.

    • Freddy Lienhard period 2
      Wow. Thats all I really can say; it was a jaw-dropping experience. Hearing the emotion in poetry read from the poet who wrote it is completely different than what one expects their tone is when they read poetry in their head. I attended Luci Shaw’s event this Saturday, and I’m glad I did! I learned about her passion for birds, how her own aging body and mind has inspired some of her own poems about aging. “And the skin, like a rubber band limp from being stretched too many times” or something along those lines, was my favorite line. It just made me realise that poets minds think different than the average mind: she is always thinking in metaphor. Even the title for her book, “Scape,” is a metaphor using a bird’s feather to symbolise the different sections of the book, as Michael stated. This most likely spawns from her love for birds.

      For my personal criticism, I’d say one would have to be a poetry aficionado to enjoy a session like this. Since I am not necessarily one of those, I will admit that at times I was having trouble thinking about underlying meanings and such. However, I felt I owed my attention since Shaw is obviously passionate about her writings. I’m glad I paid attention because I rather enjoyed the poetry; it was soothing, and, as I closed my eyes (to think, not sleep,) I could see the pictures she was painting even better. All in all, its an interesting experience and I would recommend anyone whoikes poetry to go to an event such as this. Plus I got to speak to Luci’s husband who does all the drawings and artistry for his wife’s books.

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