Wednesday, November 13

–Vocab Review skits #8
–Finish “Rethinking the American Dream” discussion
–HWK: Vocab mid-term 11/22; TGG 1-3 for tomorrow; bring Gatsby books tomorrow

–BA Skit #2
–BA Skit #3 work time
–Essay help; Conclusion ideas: How does H’s use of dialogue utilize the iceberg theory? What can we learn in general about others via dialogue? Describe H’s dialogue as a whole–what is interesting or unusual about it? How reliable is dialogue in determining one’s character? Where is real life have we recently learned about one’s character via dialogue? How does H’s characterization reflect his own feelings post WWI?
–HWK: TSAR essay due tomorrow: Rubric, Final Draft (including Works Cited), peer reviewed draft, rough draft (in-class version)

English 10:
–Finish A Reading Logs
Antigone Post Reading Activity
–HWK: Vocab #1 (non-fiction packet) Friday; Reading Log due tomorrow


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