Thursday, September 5

AP Lang:

  • Notebook Info
  • AP Syllabus
  • The Crucible discussion
  • HWK: Intro letter by Friday; Notebook by Tuesday; bring non-fiction readings for tomorrow’s class
  • Want a few extra credit points to start off the year?
  1. Reply to this post with a comment.
  2. In a paragraph (5 sentences minimum) explain the character you sympathized with most from our summer reading. Was it Elizabeth Proctor? Abigail? Holden? Phoebe? Explain why you were able connect/feel empathy for them, and how the author developed the sympathy for this character.
  3. Read and respond to a peer’s reply–2 sentences minimum.
  4. Window of Academic Achievement closes Monday morning at 7:30 a.m.
  5. 5 pts. extra credit đŸ™‚

English 10:

  • Bathroom Passes
  • “Teenage Values”
  • HWK: signed syllabus due tomorrow



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