Parallel Structure Examples

Reply below to post your own version of parallel structure. You’ll need to include examples of each AND be sure to label them! (A note: be CERTAIN these are your own creations…don’t pilfer from the internet!)


13 thoughts on “Parallel Structure Examples

  1. Periodic:
    I counted 343 orange cars, 296 black cars, and 1001 black cars, all because the road trip was just that bland.

    I like tulips because they’re waxy, fragile, and smell delicious.

    Tulips are delightful; roses are dreadful.

    I am what I am, he is what he is.

    I’m not sure what my pet is; sometime he is a dog, sometimes a cat, but in reality, I think he is a fish.

    I’ll eat tacos on rock, tacos with the Rock, tacos on a dock, tacos with Spock. I’ll eat them anywhere, with anyone.

    Epistrophe: I was glum, so I ate a taco, then I was happy, so I ate a taco, I wanted to cry, so I ate a taco, I killed a fly, so I ate a taco.

    I’ll eat tacos on a rock, on a dock, with Spock, the Rock, wearing socks, trading stocks.

    Tacos, I love tacos!

    Ere’day I’m shufflin’, shufflin’ is my passion, my passion is shufflin’, shufflin’ I do ere’day.

    What do I want for dinner? Tacos, duh.

    And finally:
    I’ll eat tacos with gandalf the grey, and gandalf he white and Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s Black Knight, and Bento Mussolini, and the Blue Meanie, and Cowboy Curtis, and Jambi the Genie, and Robocop, and Terminator, and Captain Kirk, and Superman, and every single power ranger, and Bill S. Preston, and Theodore Logan, and Spock, and the Rock and Doc. Ock and Hulk Hogan. Anytime. Anyplace.

  2. Loose: I love One Direction because they are beautiful, they have amazing accents, and they can sing.
    Periodic: I didn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and wouldn’t shut up because I was too excited for the concert.
    Hypophora: Who am I gonna marry? Obviously One Direction.

  3. Loose: I do not enjoy Washington because it is always rainy and cold outside.
    Periodic: It poured, hailed and snowed proving why I dislike Washington.
    Hypophora: What’s cooler than being a vegetarian? Nothing.

  4. Hypophora: Where’s the party at? Right here, I am the party.
    Loose: The poem was beautiful, with even flow, beautiful diction, and an interesting purpose.
    Periodic:Once upon a time, in a far away land, a land with unicorns and fairies, in a time of kings and queens, there lived a beautiful princess.

  5. Epistrophe:
    He walked into the school, he walked out of the school, he walked around the school. Then he went home.

    Water, she needed water.

    He was lost without his map. She was lost without her phone.

  6. Isocolon: There were two tributes: the boy with the bread and the girl on fire.
    Epanalepsis: There is no fear. Fear is in the imagination. Imagination can be whatever you make it.
    Epistrophe: There were no horses on the farm, so life was dull for dana on the farm.

  7. Periodic: Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go.

    Loose: I’m sad, which can be compared to the color blue, which is a silly thing to compare an emotion to.

    Isocolon: He was as tall as a house. He was as wide as a dam. He was as long as an interstate. He was kinda fat.

    Balanced: I am sitting at my desk; i am also sitting in my basement.

    Antithesis: He yelled at me everyday, sometimes i listened, sometimes i didn’t. it depended on my mood and his topic of the day.

    Anaphora: I farted in the subway. I farted on the bus. I farted in the entryway. I tore that toilet up.

    Epistrophe: He was an elf. She was an elf. They all were elves. Yet Santa still only had full sized urinals and toilets.

    Epanalepsis: Redneck? Redneck?!?! No i ain’t no flippin redneck!

    Asendeton: Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,Trash it, change it, mail – upgrade it, Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, Snap it, work it, quick – erase it, Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, Load it, check it, quick – rewrite it, Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, Drag and drop it, zip – unzip it, Lock it, fill it, call it, find it, View it, code it, jam – unlock it, Surf it, scroll it, pause it, click it, Cross it, crack it, switch – update it, Name it, rate it, tune it, print it, Scan it, send it, fax – rename it, Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, Turn it, leave it, start – format it. technologic. Technologic.

    Polysyndeton: I saw nature in its fullest: The stars and the sky and the birds and the bees and this one deer climbing a tree and another ninja fighting a black bear and a frog who unfortunately passed away. He croaked…

    anadiplosis: The banks getting bailed out leads to them doing just fine. them doing just fine leads to tons of banks everywhere. tons of banks everywhere leads to everyone working at banks. everyone working at banks leads to the economy being dependent on banks. the economy being dependent on banks leads to an Apocalypse. don’t cause the Apocalypse. don’t bail out the banks.

    Hypophora: Do you really think I”m that stupid? okay i am, but still.

  8. Periodic: After lunch get ice cream, soda, tacos, and milk to eat at your grandmother house.
    Loose: The truck, having 4 wheel drive, sadly got stuck in the snow.
    Interupted: The bear- which had no fur- was an abused animal.
    Isocolon: I follow myself, i make my own rules, i have no fear.
    Balanced: I love my home; i designed my home.
    Antithesis: I love to work out; I love to sit and watch tv.
    Anaphora: the guilt was his. the guilt was on them all. the guilt was a part of everyone.
    epistrophe: i like to eat and watch tv. Food tastes better when you watch tv.
    epanalepsis: fantastic food is great. fantastic is good.
    Asyndeton: I love, I live, I laugh.
    Polysyndeton: i drove, and i visited, and i ate, and i puked.
    anadiplosis. cooking creates food. Cooking involves food. food heals hunger.
    hypophora: i ask you, what is the meaning og the world? to live everyday.

  9. Periodic: Navigation is dumb, it’s pointless and insufferable.
    Loose: it is pointless, insufferable and doesn’t make any sense, navigation is dumb.
    Hypophora: You asked me, why do we need navigation? i have no clue.

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