AP Lang Finals Study Guide

Hi Ladies and Gents–huge apologies for being out; I’ve got that crud, and trust me–you don’t want it! Here is what you will need to tackle for next week’s final:
-All novel/SAT/CD vocabulary
-columns 1 and 2 of English 10H vocab (see link on the right side)
-Comma rules
-90/90 terms–both lists
-Diagramming and the 4 verb types (TA, TP, IC, IL) (eek! those sound old and scary. DO go over your morning warm-ups; they will be quite helpful. Glance over your tests on diagramming as well.)

We’ll review on Tuesday and I’ll make time to meet with those of you whose conferences have been displaced. If you haven’t conferenced with me yet, your revision will be due Thursday of next week.

Don’t forget, the rest of you lovelies, that revision (with all drafts) are due Tuesday, and your writing reflection is due in your folder (along with your writing chart, all essays and your university scavenger hunt.)

Wash those hands! Go to bed early! Watch Downton Abby! See you Tuesday!


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