AP Trick or Treat!!

Staying home to hit the books tonight or tomorrow? Want to earn 10 extra credit points? (No, really, Ms. K, I don’t want the extra credit…I’m after a deeper understanding of the English language.) Sigh. I love you guys.

  1. Read this article about “Zombie Nouns”
  2. Type a paragraph of your writing (academic writing, please!) into the “Writer’s Diet,” as suggested by the article
  3. Post a comment here, telling us what your fitness rating was and how you will improve it (more cardio!)

Learning opportunity closes at noon on Nov. 1st,Β  when the pumpkins turn back into ghouls!


17 thoughts on “AP Trick or Treat!!

  1. Lindsay McCue, 6th Period
    For the writers diet test I entered my body paragraph that we just got back (from The Scarlet Letter lit. crit. assignment). The test told me that my overall score was “flabby.” I scored “lean” for both the adjectives/adverbs and nouns categories, “fit” for prepositions, “needs toning” on it/this/that/there and “flabby” on the verb section. To better my writing I will use stronger verbs, less “be-verbs,” (such as: am, is, are, was, were, be, and been, and less) “waste words” (such as: it, this, that, and there). I will take more time to think of more specific verbs and nouns that can take the place of the “be-verbs” and “waste words” that I commonly use. I will also try and use a few less prepositions to improve the clarity of my writing. Because they scored well, I will continue to use the same types of nouns and adjectives/adverbs. Overall I need to use stronger words, break up sentences, and reread my work to avoid the “zombie” effect and make sure what I have written is clear to my reader.

  2. For the writers test I entered my body paragraph from the Scarlet Letter Lit. Crit. My overall score was “flabby.” I scored “heart attack terriroty” for my verbs, “lean” in the noun,preposition, and adjective/ adverbs catorgories, and “fit and trim” on the (it,this, that, there) catorgory. To improve my writing I am going to do a lot of cardio to get my verbs out of the “heart attack territory” and into the “fit and trim” catagory. I plan on accomplishing this by using less “to-be verbs” which was the cause of the heart attack my writing had. And replacing those verbs with more specific verbs, and to take my time and check how many times i have repeated the same verb ( ex. i used the verb “was” five times in my body paragraph..yikes thats not good!). Since i scored “lean” in all three, noun, preposition and adjective/ adverb catorgories I am going to keep on doing what i have been doing, since it appears to be “healthy” for my writing. And as far as my, (is, this, that and there) to monitor my usage but overall maintain what i have been doing since i am in the ” fit and trim” catorgory for that. In general my writing needs some major help with my “to-be” verbs, I need to use higher diction, and make sure my writing doesnt put the reader to sleep.

  3. I entered my intro paragraph and part of my body paragraph into the writers diet test. Over all, I got “fit & trim” (which I was surprised about!). I scored “needs toning” for verbs, and “fit & trim” for everything else. I can improve by repeating/using so many verbs. (Since I used “is” 4 times) I need a lot more cardio! I think I can keep doing what I’m doing in the other categories and focus mostly on my verb usage throughout my essays. Overall, I just need to focus on my writing specifically, and make sure I explain myself because (unless you’re a zombie), you’re not going to get into my brain to understand what I really mean.

  4. I used a paragraph from the scarlet letter lit crit and got an overall score of needs toning. My verbs were flabby, this that it and there was fit and trim and all other categories were lean. I really need to work on verbs, avoiding boring “”is’s” “are’s” and “was’s” and use some fancy verbs that will keep voice and make the writing more engaging. I can reduce the this that it section by using synonyms and only using them when they are necessary/ i could also probably avoid them with some different sentence structures. I also need to make sure i maintain the other categories by avoiding necessary modifiers, using specific and clear pronouns and making excessive prepositional phrases into new sentences.

  5. I first used my “World War 2” essay from Heuterman’s class. I got “lean” for each category besides verbs, which I got “fit and trim”. I do not think there is much to improve on that essay!
    I then used my Lit Crit essay. I got “lean” in all categories besides “overall” and “verbs”. In the “overall” category I got “fit and trim”, and in the “verbs” category I got “needs toning”. This was because I use “be” and “is” a bunch! I can avoid overusing these words by placing more intriguing verbs in their spot.
    My writing is pretty fit! No intensive cardio workouts for me! (:

  6. Tori Weber, p. 6

    For the “Writer’s Diet,” I entered the first paragraph from the introductory letter we wrote at the beginning of the year. My overall fitness was “needs toning.” My verbs, nouns, and “it, this, that, there” fitness level was “lean.” I was “flabby” in my adjectives/adverbs, and “needs toning” in prepositions (go figure!). My weakness in prepositional phrases is simply that I have too many. To trim this down, I can work on keeping my sentences cleaner and leaner. I can reduce an abundance of my sentences down to the basics: verb, object, and subject. I have the same problem with my adjectives and adverbs. I am over-describing and not letting my nouns and verbs do their job. I can slim this down by evaluating if a specific adjective is crucial for understanding.

  7. My overall score was “fit and trim”. For prepositions, adjectives/adverbs, and it, this, that, and there I received “lean”. My nouns are “fit and trim”, but my verbs “need toning”. My weakness is having to many be-verbs. To fix this I should limit myself to a few be-verbs per parargraph and then use ation verbs that are more interesting. For example scrutinize, dissect, and capture, grap more attention then just have, do, or show can. Everything else was in the healthy range, but the verb criticism was helpful because I did not even realize I had so many be-verbs in one paragraph.

  8. I entered my body paragraph from the Scarlet Letter lit. crit. also and scored an overall “fit and trim”. I scored lean in nouns, prepositions, and adjectives/adverbs and fit and trim in overall and it, this, that, there. my “verbage” scored a “needs toning…” Most of my verbs were “be” variations. To correct this in future writing I could look for and use more interesting verbs that describe what I’m saying better.Action verbs that demand attention will grip readers more effectively than 6 “to be” verbs. Other than that this paragraph was pretty good on avoiding “zombies”.

  9. Hector Brandt, 6th period

    I got an overall score of “fit and trim”. My use of “it, this, that, there,” prepositions and adjectives/adverbs earned scores in the lean category. Nouns scored lower, getting “fit and trim”, and I overused verbs because they “need toning”. The main problem I had was overusing to-be verbs; I was not really aware that I use too many of them, so I’m glad that my writing got analyzed. My other problem area was nominalizing too many nouns, which detracts from the meaning of the sentence and blurs the message. To begin repairing these faults I plan on reducing my to-be verbs, and really try to modify less nouns by writing in a more straight forward manner.

  10. For the writer’s diet test, I entered the introductory paragraph of my Scarlet Letter lit/crit. My overall score was “needs toning”. My major setback was verbs, in the “flabby” range! My nouns were lean, prepositions were fit and trim, adjectives and adverbs were lean, and my “is, this, that, there” were fit and trim. To better my writing, I will replace the verb “is” with a variety of other verbs, so I do not sound insanely repetitive and boring to my audience. Those verbs need to lay off the Halloween candy.

  11. For the writers diet test I entered my body paragraph from my Scarlet Letter lit/crit. My overall score was “Fit and trim”. For nouns, adjectives/adverbs my score was “lean”. For prepositions, and verbs my score was “fit and trim”. The one i need to inprove on the most would be my use of β€œit, this, that, there,” which my score for that was “need toning”. I will improve my writing by watching the use of it, this, that, and there so i can become more fit. I need to use different words instead of those. I need to Start running to get more lean:) haha

  12. For the Writer’s Diet test I used a body paragraph from a free response essay in AP US History. I earned an overall rating of “Needs Toning” for my writing. Honestly, I was expecting a lower rating because I tend to write really verbose sentences. I use an absolute gigantic amount of verbs, and so that as well as my “it, this, that, and there”‘s ended up affecting my score. In order to improve my writing I need to watch how much I use them and how many verbs I put in a sentence. I also should edit my verb choice seeing as most of them were “to be” verbs.

    Bridgette Petzoldt (period 3)

  13. For my writer’s diet I used my Lit Crit introduction paragraph. Overall, I scored “flabby.” For verb use i scored “needs toning.” For nouns and prepositions I scored “flabby.” For adjectives/adverbs I scored “fit and trim” and i scored “lean” for my use of “it, is, that, and there.” I feel like I should start with my overuse of prepositional phrases to lean my writing up becuase the phrases contain 2-4 words that are each highlited together. This makes the words seem overused. After that I think the new diction choices will clean up my writing in a steady way to ensure some fat loss!

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