What to Study for AP Lang

They just saw the cow in the form of their AP Lang exam results!










Plan out study times now–slate at least three sessions, alone or with your crew, and prioritize what you need to study most. Begin with that.

  • 90/90 Terms
  • Syntax (notes)
  • Organizational strategies (handout)
  • Satire (notes)
  • MC Strategies (notes)
  • Footnotes (handout)
  • Ethos, pathos, logos (notes)
  • Argument toolbox (remember that notecard we made with things you know on it? Can you add anything to it?)
  • Purpose list
  • SOAPSTone (handout)
  • Vehicle/tenor (notes)
  • Tone list (handout)
  • Review all old prompts/essays, etc.

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