AP Lang Weekend Homework! (It’s psuedo-fun, I promise!)

Watch Obama Slow Jam with Fallon; post a comment below explaining Obama’s purpose and one strategy used to achieve that purpose.


You can also agree/disagree with someone’s purpose–maybe they are in the realm of the bull’s eye, but not quite there, or add another, deeper layer of analysis to what someone has already pointed out.



33 thoughts on “AP Lang Weekend Homework! (It’s psuedo-fun, I promise!)

  1. I agree with Shannon: Obama is informing the Americans, specifically the young adults, is future plans to help young adults be able to afford college. He does this by appealing to young adults using a allusions to Mr. T and a kind of music they listen to.

  2. Obama’s purpose was to inform America, specifically young America, about his future plans on lowering college loan interest rates. He does this by singing a slow jam about his plans, which mimics the music many people like to listen to.

  3. Obama’s purpose was to propose support for a bill in a way that was appealing to the general publi. Usually propositions for bills are loaded with jargon and directed towards congress, but going on a popular talk show and adding a comedic twist made people side with his stance on the bill.

  4. I agree with all comments made so far: Obama’s purpose was to inform the more media-influenced America as opposed to reaching out strictly to the congressional side and his fellow political peers. He reaches the demographic of younger viewers and those less associated with politics by appearing on Jimmy’s show and singing about his stance on the bill, in a way that’s informative and amusing.

  5. I also agree with all the comments made so far: Obama wanted to present his opinion about this bill in a way that was both understandable and entertaining, thereby luring more of the population to take his side in the matter. By going on a late night comedy show, he is able to accomplish these goals successfully due to the popularity of Jimmy Fallon’s show, and the fact that he knew that Fallon would provide him with material that would be funny and enjoyable, thereby increasing his ethos with the general public as a man they can relate to.

  6. Obama’s purpose is to inform a young, media centered America, about his plans for lowering college interest loan rates. He does this by “slow jamming the news” and therefore appealing to a younger America.

  7. I agree with all the comments. Obama’s purpose is to inform the public, especially younger Americans, about his plan to keep the interest rate on student loans low, even though congress is trying to double them. He achieves this purpose by appealing to these younger people while he “slow jams” this news.

  8. Obama’s purpose is to inform the American public, particularly the young college bound students, about the intended raise on college loans and give his opinion; He does not believe that the costs should be raised and he will do everything he can to keep the rates from rising. He successfully informs his audience by appealing to them in a unique way. Using music and an iconic television show, he easily connects to the American public. Jimmy Fallon’s commentary keeps the audience entertained and draws attention to Obama’s purpose.

  9. I agree with everyone else on Obama’s purpose. He is informing the public of the issue while garnering support for his side through his appearance on this show. His use of this media outlet rather than a more conventional approach, combined with the use of the music, appeals to the pathos of the audience. By mixing humor with his argument, Obama has maximized the effects of his message.

  10. Obama’s purpose was to inform America, specifically those who intend to attend college, that he was doing everything within his power to keep college as affordable as possible. He does this by singing (slow jamming) about it. He does this because it is a way to connect with our generation in a way that we can understand and find amusing.

  11. Purpose: To inform America of his plans in stopping congress from raising the interest rates on student loans and having america reinforce him.
    By Obama slow jamming on live t.v. it shows the American people that he is down to earth and reachable. It also shows that he is human just like all of us and by using humor it increases our relativity to him and what he is doing…

  12. Obama’s purpose was to form the American youth of what he wants to do to help with their education, and future. By using the technique of humor and music, both well known by the youth, he is able to connect with them and reach their level.

  13. Mr. President’s Purpose is to inform the college students about increasing student loans; Mr. President is also gathering support to oppose this bill.
    One interesting stratgy that Mr. President used was an ironic statement. “We [Congress] should be doing everything we can to pay down the national debt, well so long as it doesn’t include taxing billionares.” This statement is incongruent because taxing the rich would strike at the national debt. Also it is a statement that is opposite of what is intended.

  14. President Obama’s purpose is to inform future college bound students about an increase in student loans. He achieves his purpose by slow jamming with Jimmy Fallon because the younger generation tends to watch Fallon.

    • “because the younger generation tends to watch Fallon.” Exactly. So why is he working so hard to pass this bill for them, now, at this stage in the game? What is he really after?

  15. The President is definitely advocating for support on the bill to combat increases on student loans. He does this through slow jamming with Jimmy Fallon. By doing this Obama is able to reach out to a large group of people as many people watch Fallon. The slow jam also adds humor to a somewhat serious topic. This is also mocking the people who are trying to raise interest rates making it somewhat of a joke.

  16. President Obama’s purpose is to reach out to the younger generation to decrease student loan rates and help motivate the students to continue learning. Obama achieves his purpose by get his message across in a slow jam song.

  17. Obama’s purpose was to inform America that he opposes a bill that is being purposed–to increase student loans–and he uses sarcasm and humor to do so.

  18. President Obama’s purpose is to give the public important information about a new bill but delivers it in a way that is appealing to the people that the bill directly affects: using sarcasm/humor and by presenting it on a show that is watched by many.

  19. Obama’s purpose is to inform the general public, specifically college-bound students, about a bill that will stop an increase in student loans. He appeals to the public using allusions to pop culture celebrities like Tim Tebow, Kim & Kanye, while doing all of this on a humorous talk show that young adults watch.

  20. Obama’s purpose is to inform the American public, primarily college-age citizens, on his plans for college loan interest rates. He does this by utilizing a forum that would not commonly host the subject matter of the president. By infusing pop culture references with his message, Obama employs incongruity and parody to create humor and target his desired audience.

  21. Obama’s purpose is to inform Americans about how he plans to stop college loans from dramatically increasing. He does this by appearing on a popular show and singing about what he is planning to do. The singing and humor relates Obama with college aged students to get his point across in a way that the students understand.

  22. Obama’s purpose is to inform the American youth about he will stop college loan rates from increasing. He utilizes jargon suited for young people in order to seem “hip”.

  23. Obama’s purpose is to spread the word that he is attempting to convince Congress to not increase the amount college students have to pay. By using music, the universal language, Obama appeals to as many people as he can.

  24. Obama’s purpose is to inform American’s, especially young Americans, about how he will decrease college student loans. And I agree, he achieves this by using jargon and allusions.

  25. Obama’s purpose is to inform the college bound youth of America on the issue within congress towards increasing student loan interests, and he achieves this through use of incongruity (without taxing billionaires), and approaching his audience directly in a media outlet common to having a younger demographic of viewers.

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