Thursday, September 8

English 10:

  • Finish Leadership Article
  • 4 Corners

AP Lang:

  • The Crucible discussion; 4 corners
  • Political cartoons
  • HWK–examine TC political cartoon with these questions in mind–be prepared to chat about them tomorrow!
  1. What is literally happening in the cartoon?
  2. What is the subject of the cartoon?
  3. Identify and contextualize symbols
  4. What is the artist’s argument? How do you know?

34 thoughts on “Thursday, September 8

      • I think it’s kind of a given to hate Abigail. I read through the book in one sitting if only for my desire to see Abigail punished for her schemes. I don’t feel that she got what she deserved with the whole, “prostitution thing.” 😛

      • Oh, a Lady of the Night, really? I never thought of her that way. But I agree, Elany, she doesn’t get her just desserts. Perhaps we should conjure an appropriate punishment?

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