Friday, Sept. 25

AP Lang:

  1. Discuss connotation worksheet
  2. Get SL
  3. Handout: How to read SL
  4. HWK–Read SL c., 1-5 (Includes Custom House); Vocab #2
  1. incumbent-imposed as a duty; obligatory
  2. indigenous-originating and living in a particular area
  3. innate-possessed at birth; inborn
  4. inveterate-long established; deep-rooted; habitual
  5. parochial-narrow in scope
  6. pervasive-having the quality or tendency to be everywhere at the same time
  7. penitent-expressing remorse for one’s misdeeds
  8. vindicated-freed from blame
  9. jurisprudence-the philosophy or science of law
  10. biased-prejudiced


  1. Finish Cyrano performances
  2. Quick write, act II
  3. HWK–Dialectical Journal Monday; Vocab #4 Thursday; Speech Wednesday


  1. Quick write, Imagery
  2. Get Illiad
  3. Read “The Trojan War”
  4. HWK–reading Monday

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