Friday, September 7

American Studies:

  1. DYR #4 (collected sticky notes, p. 2 &3)
  2. Grade discussion: how to read grade print out, what to do if your grade is incorrect (fill out grade correction form and attach to assignment, resubmit to turn in tray)
  3. Thesis work for FD graphic map
    1. What is a thesis? Subject + opinion
    2.  Write a thesis for the question you will answer for your FD graphic map
    3. If you would like me to look at your thesis, write it on a sticky note with your name and place it in the turn in tray by Tuesday. I’ll comment on it and give it back to you!

AP Language:

  1. Weeds & Roses–Puritan synthesis question
  2. Scarlet Letter walk aroundpuritan-wrs.ppt

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