Thursday, March 1

American Studies:

  1. Turn in WW#3; Socrates Cafe due Friday!
  2. Library Research for Change America! Project:
    1. Using the internet, research the four topics you brainstormed earlier this week in history class. Find out how much info is available on each of them, and decide which issue/problem really speaks to you.
    2. Write a 1 paragraph summary about your research for each topic. (You should have 4 total.)
    3. Choose the topic you want to continue working with. On Monday, you will present this topic to the class, explaining what you chose, why, and what you hope to do about the problem.

Creative Writing

  1. Writing practice: The wind
  2. Discuss “The Lady and the Tiger” write a 1 paragraph ending (in the same format as the story)
  3. Finished ss#1 due Friday. No late work–no exceptions!

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