Thursday, February 8

American Studies:

  1. Writer’s Workshop Read Around: Read 3 Responses to Lit. by other classmates, chose the one that was the best and discussed why. Edited and revised our own Response to Lit by looking at what made the best papers work and tried to incorporate that into our own writing.
  2. Homework–read F451 to page 154.

Creative Writing:

  1. Writing Practice: Write about a river.
  2.  Debriefed about Dave Rolland’s visit
  3. Discussed Edda Submissions–all students in this class must submit 1 piece to the EDDA. Applications available in class or right here!  EDDA submission cover sheet
  4. Character Bios (10 paragraphs total) due Friday. Remember to write about the inner life!
  5. Passed out character pen-pal letter #2.
  6. Consider what will happen to your character on his/her trip. We will use this info. for an activityFriday.

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