Socrates Cafe Extension

Didn’t get a chance to speak? Rather type? Here’s your chance to put your two cents in for Socrates Cafe about Huck Finn. Entries here will receive 2 points, which will be added to your SC score. Points will be given Monday, Oct. 23.


One thought on “Socrates Cafe Extension

  1. Hey Ms. Kitchens it is your student Tierra, if you couldn’t tell by the name. Oh and it wont let you reply unless you sign up.

    Ok so I’m going to comment about the Topic 3, I’m not sure if you want me to reply to more but I will if you’d like me to.

    I do believe that discussing the use of the n-word before the book is read is an excellent idea before it is spoken or read. What if the book out loud and a student was offended because of the use and how often it is used. But if you let them know that the n-word is in the book you can discuss it and come to the agrrement of saying, as we did, slave or something else.

    Ok, I’m finished =]

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