Creative Writing Notebook Check (Friday, Oct. 20)

Get ’em done! Get ’em out! Amaze me with your writing prowness. Thrill me with you sensory detail. Stupify me with your subject matter. Notebooks will be collected this Friday. Here’s what they should contain:

  1. Sound and Sense Chapt. 6 mimic/questions (10)
  2. S&S Chapt. 7 mimic/questions (can be what you did in class) (10)
  3. Symbolism writing 10/10 (10)
  4. Fiction 101: reaction and own piece 10/16 (10)
  5. Chapt. 7 notes 10/17 (5)
  6. List poem rough draft 10/19 (5)

2 thoughts on “Creative Writing Notebook Check (Friday, Oct. 20)

  1. Secrets
    Secrets are a whisper
    in my soul
    They are a beating my heart
    a lives a toll.

    Affairs crush my heart
    full and whole
    They are as barren
    as devils coal.

    but I still love
    my mom
    eventhough she dropped a
    heavy bomb.

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