It’s New…it’s Improved…it’s easier than Moodle! (I promise!)

Allright, it’s official. I don’t like Moodle. After finding this new resource, I think wordpress is much easier to manage, post to and navigate.

So…now it’s your turn. Reply to this posting by posting your list poem from Thursday’s class.

You guys rock!


18 thoughts on “It’s New…it’s Improved…it’s easier than Moodle! (I promise!)

  1. My day consists of
    rolling out of a sheet-strewn bed,
    lunging into the shower
    to lather and rinse my hair,
    examining the contents of the fridge for breakfast
    enclosing myself into the car.
    I leap into school,
    settle myself behind my computer, grades and students:
    meddle with questions
    grapple with issues
    wrestle with words.
    I venture back into my car,
    cavort around a well-worn path with my
    runners tied securely to my feet.
    My stomach grumbles–I feed the pit.
    In yoga I meditate, levitate and comtemplate
    the placement of my body.
    I coccoon myself (yet again) in my car
    and gravitate home.
    Dinner simmers and sizzles
    and I much heartily.
    A book flips open its pages or perhaps the
    TV glares its maddening glow
    before sleepiness melts across my being.
    Trudging upstairs,
    I sud the makeup, sweat and turmoil
    from my face,
    scrub my pearly whites,
    remove my extended eyes.
    I swaddle myself in my bed and
    dreamscapes descend upon me like a winter storm,
    avalanching my consciousness,
    rendering me:

  2. List Poem

    It’s hard to hold on to
    Fresh fishes,
    Old wishes,
    And wet dishes
    In a state of shock.

    It’s hard to hold on to
    Fake positivity,
    Accliamed atrocity,
    Or a lame comradery
    With a head up on the chopping block.

    It’s hard to hold on to
    Times of scuttle,
    A bubble,
    Or a petty trouble
    When you work around the clock.

    It’s hard to hold on to
    A childhood innocence,
    That perfect happiness,
    And a bothersome abstinence
    When your ship’s in the dock.

    ((Good thinking, kitchens! This is SO much easier!

  3. (This is what I pulled from todays activity)

    The general disdain of the situation envisioned itself as a migratory locust, lurking in a bath tub filled with tepid tap water. As that locust swam at a sprint toward the edge of that half completed porcelain cocoon it was pushed under by a stream of new raging liquid. The fresh water froze its exoskeleton, especially the antennae (oh, now those are quite sensitive indeed). We went down the drain.

  4. (My list poems, I am using symbols.)

    Ideas come and go
    People hate it when they continue to follow their path
    “That is perfect!”
    “It can change the world!”
    “If only I could remember for the life of me.”

    Some ideas are great
    There are those that are……oO
    There is no other way to state it
    Those are ideas

    Ideas come from everything
    A small flip
    Even the idiotic moments we all have
    They come from everything

    An idea is everything
    Everything is an idea
    They come and go
    Making us jump in joy
    Or cursing to the top of the skies.

  5. secrets hard to keep like the soap in a steamy shower
    newly sprinkled life inserted through her navel
    Still only 16, the loves of her life were the weekends and her new BMW
    She wanted to unravel herself on a cliff ledge
    but even then, the moon might hear,
    afraid it would cease to glow the same way for her

    What would she do when not only her soul began to swell?
    Who could she possibly tell?
    Secrets were harder to hold than cara-mel.

  6. Love is like a bar of soap
    It is slippery and slick and hard to hold onto
    It is also somewhat like sand
    Able to seep through the cracks
    Of your lonely fingers
    Love can turn you into an acrobat
    Sending you: flipping and flying
    Dodging and dashing
    Twisting and Bending
    Love is complicated, Is love right?
    Love is life, and life you live
    Love is a teady bear
    When your lonely and sad
    Love is a blankey
    Made for your heart
    Warming you up frome the inside out.
    Love is right….
    If love hasn’t left.

  7. Pass Around Poem – Verb

    Something I love to do.
    He’ll start with the ball,
    but end wit ha fall.
    Run right threw him,
    smash him down t othe ground,
    even when no one else is around.
    It’s a fun thing to do.
    Samshed like a pancake, it’s not often done,
    cause when it happens to you it’s not all that fun.

  8. Pass Around Poem

    running out of the building and
    diving into a sea of people,
    fighting for air.
    dodging cars as they lurch through traffic,
    clouds of pigeons swoosh and flap
    pecking for crumbs in the alley.
    smashed windows and scribbled love notes
    tag the walls.
    looming clouds of dust and smog
    block the sun.
    New York City–what a place.

  9. List Poem

    Mountain Sillhouette at Dawn

    Standing at the edge,
    The view is spectacular.
    I remain unmoving,
    As I gaze at the changing heavens.

    The sky is yellow,
    The land is still asleep.
    And as I look at the Appalacian sunrise,
    Time seems to have no presence.

    The Mountains that face me,
    Are still dark as the unseen moon.
    The rays of the sun penetrate my flesh,
    As I stand watching the mountain silluotette at dawn.

  10. List Poem
    Lurking in the shadows
    of the dark night ocean,
    a creature to big for a house
    waiting for its prey,
    eyes closed, as if to fool
    the poor creature that
    floats too close.

    Slowly moving closer and closer.
    Slinding into the sea grass goop
    where the monster lay,
    its time is up
    no more fun under da sea.
    Watching and waiting to pounce
    scary eyes hidden between the blades of sea grass.

    Black and white in the night,
    no shamu fun at Sea World,
    this is the monster of the night.
    Slipery like a salamander, enormous like an elephant
    glazing in the deep blue ocean.
    Watch out for the creature of the night.

  11. Letting Go

    We all have fear in us,
    fear of holding onto something or letting something go
    Whether its a bite from the snake,
    the sickness from jello,
    or loss of patience,
    none can hold onto what they fear.

    A young teen loses her pride and dignity
    by a man fearing of losing his own.
    Happiness will be hard to find,
    and trust will be lost in sight forever.

    An argument leads to a downfall
    of waht was a long lasting friendship,
    reality will be hidden from their worlds
    of hope and compassion.

    Toddlers will grow up
    as youth disappears into the past
    aged into an elderly couple
    just waiting–
    for time to pass.

    Even though its hard to hold on to,
    and may never let it fully out,
    it just has to be let go
    because its not under anyones control.

  12. Baby, their aint nothin’ to hold on to…
    What do you get from grasping to that lust love?

    You get heart break-
    You get. your pride hurt.
    You get your stomic feelin’ like jellow.

    Baby, just keep your pride up high and stay low…
    Because their aint nothin’ to hold on to.

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